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 Welcome to our new website!

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PostSubject: Welcome to our new website!   Sat Jan 26, 2008 3:49 am

Šawn's new website should make everything just a little easier now, with raids being farmed and more epic members joining Smile
For outsiders who havn't realized what Šawn is:
Šawn is a World of Warcraft PvE guild playing on Darksorrow, we're currently busy with finishing the Tier 4 instances and moving on to Tier 5.

Guild Leaders:
Olegzubkov (Also rogue class leader)
Lianne (Also mage class leader)

Lewin (Big thanks and thumbs up man Very Happy)

Class Leaders:
Buttonedpack (Druid)
Verthas (Paladin)
Psykootikko (Warlock)
Hachpee (Warrior)
Goatsmuggla (Shaman)
Choijz (Priest)
Naraku (Hunter)

If you're someone who wants to join the guild, get intouch with one of the class leaders (according to your class) ingame.
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Welcome to our new website!
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